Hindustan Foods Limited is the most diversified and versatile contract manufacturing group in the country. The range covers food and non-food, extending to cosmetics, personal care and home care products. Decades of expertise which is the result of highly experienced teams in various locations, supported by a judicious mix of machines and systems provides confidence and cost effectiveness to the customer.

The facilities are fully integrated, equipped with modern laboratories as well as processing, packaging, warehousing and logistic facilities. The group is known for its commitment to the quality systems and the focus on continuous improvement.

The group is very flexible in its approach and is equipped to handle a wide range of formulations, batch sizes and packaging formats. Hindustan Foods Limited is able to cater to even seasonal requirements and unexpected demand overflows from Marketeers. New products with an immediate or short term window have been comfortably handled and nurtured by the Hindustan team. That is the reason, many of the temporary associations got transformed to long term partnerships!


Hindustan Foods Ltd offers hi-speed filling and packaging capabilities for FMCG products. Our facilities are capable of accommodating small runs as well as managing large volumes

OEM Model
Under this model, The company set up a greenfield manufacturing facility for principal or acquire facility on behalf of principal. This model works with long term contracts. This model can be categorized as:
Dedicated Manufacturing
In this model, the entire manufacturing facility is exclusively utilized for the principal company. The location, layout, design, machinery, capacity and all other parameters of the unit are finalized and executed in complete concurrence with the principal in this case. The investment, project execution and management of the facility is done by the company. The principal guarantees the business for a minimum number of years and returns on investments (ROI).
Anchor Tenant Model
In this model, the manufacturing facility is not entirely dedicated to a single principal company but the capacity is shared by various companies for a longer period of agreement. The Anchor tenant enjoys all the privileges of a principal, however there will be a few minor partners sharing the facility. This helps to spread the overheads and bring down the costs.
Private Label
Your Brand, our formulation
  • Private FMCG products manufactured at Hindustan Foods Limited are developed based on extensive research and testing methods. Efficacy, quality and value are key factors in all the procedures. Our private-label services offer a number of customizable options and requirement levels at competitive prices. The focus is to ensure that customers are provided with complete turnkey private labeling solutions.
Choose your product range
  • With our extensive library of proven formulas, or your choice to custom formulate, we can customize your range to meet the needs of your customers.
The group offers an array of options in private labeling as below
  • To choose from an extensive library of proven formulas
  • To create your own designs to further develop your brand image and customer loyalty. Customized individual product labels can be created just for you. To select from our various in-house packing options, or choose to utilize other options provided by our global packaging affiliates. To utilize our skilled team of designers in conceptualizing your product's unique corporate identity.
Branding and distribution
The Company manufactures, markets and distributes their own leather products under the brand UN:OR “Unorthodox”.
Unorthodox is a premium leather brand handcrafted in India for men, women and children. The brand offers formal and casual shoes, bags, jackets and leather accessories manufactured in its facility located at Puducherry. The Company has set up their first store in Goa in 2017 on a franchised model and intends to set up more stores on EBO and FBO model. HFL is licensed distributor for various international brands like Gabor, TBS & Richter.