At Hindustan Foods Limited, this year is dedicated to Athena - the Greek Goddess of Civilisation, Strategy, War and Wisdom. In Greek mythology, Goddess Athena is the patroness of spinning & weaving. She is known for her military prowess and also the Goddess of Wisdom. We, at HFL, are inspired by Athena’s contrasting yet complementary characteristics. Spinning and weaving for us is representative of the manufacturing industry. Her wisdom and ability to formulate military strategies are the inspiration behind our aggressive Mergers & Acquisitions. These qualities made her a perfect partner for Greek heroes in achieving their goals. At HFL, we aim to develop these skills to consolidate ourselves as a leader in the Contract Manufacturing space and thereby help our Heroes - our Customers, achieve their quests for greater market share, better customer satisfaction and eternal brand loyalty. While we call upon her patronage to improve our manufacturing abilities, we also continue to use her wisdom and military skills to acquire facilities through Mergers & Acquisitions, which are value accretive to the Company. HFL intends to LEAD the contract manufacturing journey, just as Goddess Athena, through impeccable Learning spirit, seamless Execution, swift Adaptation and prompt Delivery of promises.

The year is a celebration of all our efforts in the field of contract manufacturing as we carefully advance, demonstrating the characteristics of the Olympian patroness, Athena. It is a testament to how we have moved ahead with optimism while constantly paving the way for the industry.